“Let me just code”. Every time I work on python on Windows, I always get frustrated by some infrastructure work that I dislike.

Yes. There are online platforms like Google Colab and Jupyter Notebook where I can exude machine learning, deep learning, or some sort of analysis-related code.

However, they did not satisfy my needs like implementing a python automation script to shorten my routine work.

Not only that. You can skip the following bullet points; the summary of what I was whining over.

  • I did not want to work on Windows as the base OS because I am used…

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Earlier today, I read an article written by Jun Sato throwing an hypothesis that BCG vaccination may help reduce the fatality rate of Covid-19. Staying at home with boredom, I thought it would be cool to take a look at some reliable data and check the correlation myself as a former Data scientist.

Jun Sato’s hypothesis:

After digging up some scientific papers for a few hours, I had to say that this hypothesis is a little too questionable.

There are two BCG peretration data.

One was collected by WHO:

The data is available since 1980, but it turned…

First of all, I believe only a limited number of people will find this writing helpful; those are ex-pats living in Japan, settling in there, and trying to start stock investment who are capable of understanding written Japanese to some degree.

My motivation for writing this article is that I know how high the hurdle is to do investment in a foreign country as I am also a Japanese citizen living in Malaysia. A lot of information is available only in the local language. Yes. There are similarities (Essentially it should be), but the structure and relationship between the bank…

Norifumi Irie

I write about programming, data analysis, design, stock investment and things around me. I was born and raised in Tokyo and now residing in Kuala Lumpur.

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